PIKNIK in Marseille

26.06.2017   |    Marseille

As part of my stay at the École supérieure d’art et de design de Marseille-Méditerranée during the winter and spring 2017, I had the chance to participate in a collective exhibition at La Friche Belle de Mai, a well known cultural center in Marseille.

The PIKNIK exhibition: An international meeting brought together 14 international students and reported on their latest research in visual art. Creating an encounter between their various artistic practices, the exhibition presented the result of their stay in Marseille to take a look at the direct or indirect influence of the city on their production.

Sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, video, installation and performance were at the rendezvous.

For my part, I presented a series of 8 paintings on polyester paper made during my stay in Marseille.

Thank you to our photographer Francisque Sanchez for the documentation of the event.
PIKNIK / Une rencontre internationale
Atelier des situations, La Friche Belle de Mai 

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